meet alejandria

Alejandria is a very hospitable women, always opening her home, offering indigenous teas and warm soups. It is no wonder she has a caring nature, as she is the mother to 8 children; Elvio, Erminia, Sonia, Zoraida, Noemi, Fredy, Delia and Mildred. She was born in Pampahuasi-Mallma and is the sister to Victoria. Alejandria is 45 years old and is married. She remembers her mother being a wise woman always taking the best care of the family ands values all she learned from her. She started to knit at 15 years old and had her first child at age 17. Since then Alejandria has worked really hard everyday to give her children a good life. She runs the household, cares for the alpacas and sells meat in the marketplace every Saturday. She hopes to be able to spend all her days doing what she likes most; going to the mountains to care for the alpaca, spinning yarn and knitting. Her generosity and expertise are much appreciated. 

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